The UK boasts numerous gay and LGBT organisations commited
to improving rights for the LGBTQ communities nationwide

LGBT Consortium

This organisation is commited to raising the community’s profile and to offering support for those who are struggling with any element of their sexuality.

The LGBT sector, and works towards building it stronger through a membership and engagement programme that supports and benefits its members to grow and thrive. By listening and consulting with members, the LGBT Consortium works to ensure that the voice of the LGBT community is heard in a variety of public arenas, while leading the sector in various sustainable working methods. 

By advocating for members’ issues and concerns with the nation’s policymakers, the LGBT Consortium works to promote the value and existence of LGBT organisations and groups and to create further resources to grow those organisations.


One of the oldest and best known LGBT organisations in the UK, Stonewall was originally founded in 1989 and is known for its lobbying and campaigning on behalf of the LGBT community. Some of the organisation’s successes include equalising the age of consent, securing legislation to allow same-sex couples to adopt children, lifting the ban which prevented LGB people from serving with the military and repealing Section 28. Stonewall was also instrumental in helping to secure same-sex marriage. 

The Albert Kennedy Trust

The Albert Kennedy Trust is a charity which supports young people from the LGBT community who have been made homeless by their family because they came out. Unfortunately, even in today’s modern world, a lot of young people are discriminated against because of their sexuality, and experience hardship with nowhere to stay and nobody to go to for help. The Albert Kennedy Trust was established to help these young people and to turn their life around.

AKT provides 8000 nights-worth of accommodation to LGBT young people who face rejection and abuse because of coming out to their loved ones, and the charity can provide young people with 24 hours of accommodation, travel and food for a donation of just £25.

The Kaleidoscope Trust

Working to uphold gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual people’s human rights both in the UK and around the world, the Kaleidoscope Trust believes that regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation everyone’s rights should be equally respected. 

This organisation raises awareness of the contexts which LGBT communities face overseas through advocacy and communications in the UK, working to change policies with Commonwealth institutions and strengthening the skills of activists within  the LGBT community.


Centred is run by a group of LGBTQ people and is a community organisation which focuses on the diverse experience of the LGBTQ community, especially in cases where those experience intersect with race, disability, gender, minority faith and age issues.

Working with family, allies and friends, Centred is highly committed to organising fun and inspirational events which celebrate the LGBTQ sector’s diversity. 

LGBT Health & Wellbeing

This unique initiative works within the community to promote the equality, well-being and health of LGBT people across Scotland. Having been established back in 2003, the LGBT Healthy Living Centre was designed to provide services, information and support to help improve the LGBT community’s well-being and health while reducing social isolation and stimulating community development.

This organisation aims to prove activities to tackle life circumstances which result in poor health among the LGBT community, reduce social exclusion and isolation levels that are experienced in this sector and to strengthen the ability of the community to promote health and well-being. 

By supporting LGBT individuals to sustain and adopt a healthy lifestyle and by ensuring that the community has equal access to mainstream information and health services to meet their unique needs, LGBT Health & Wellbeing is primarily based out of Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

The Gay Business Association

This organisation represents the best place for professionals from within the LGBT community to forge new network and business contacts and to meet with new customers while promoting services and products to the public overall.

The Gay Business Association also helps gay professionals to keep abreast of best practice and the latest trends while adding greater credibility to their businesses and giving them the chance to share their expertise through training events and workshops.

By offering the chance to network with other like-minded individuals in relaxed environments, The Gay Business Alliance also aims to work with the Government to encourage more start ups among the gay community.

These are just some of the gay and LGBT organisations which operate throughout the UK, aiming to make life better for members of the LGBT communities. While some are charities, others have a business focus and still others are advocacy and rights groups.

All are working, however, to promote gay and LGBT issues and to raise greater awareness of the community.