About the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Today RVT are known for their welcoming and unique environment
and the eclectic crowd that they attract.

Information about RVT

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern offers their guests a fun and enjoyable experience, by offering outstanding hospitality together with fantastic entertainment every single day of the week. They are famous for showcasing some of the most talented musicians, comedians, cabaret acts and DJs in the entertainment industry and have launched many successful careers.

Whether you are looking for a fun evening in a unique and historic venue or whether you need to arrange an event in an established and iconic setting, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern should be your first port of call. 

A little history about RVT

Originally built between 1860-1862, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern was construction at Spring Gardens on a piece of land which was once part of the original Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Although some people believe that it was first built to be a music hall venue, it was actually built to be a public house and has served that function ever since.

Following World War II, servicemen returning from the conflict together with gay men in the local area were attracted to this venue and drag shows were held here.

During the 1970s, the RVT had a large kidney shaped bar with two bars around it, serving as a stage on which the drag performers danced. Before the cabaret began, drinks and glasses would be cleared from the bar and its surface cleaned ready for drag artists to begin their performance. Local workers came to play darts in the RVT’s public bar while gay men were attracted to the lounge. 

In the 1970s there were some notable acts here including Carla, who was famous for her impersonations of Barbra Streisand and The Great Lee Paris. Some of the best known visitors here included Freddie Mercury, frontman of the band Queen.

Despite redevelopments in the local area during the 1980s, the RVT continued to thrive, maintaining its status as an independent gay venue where many top drag artists came to perform. One well known performer here during the later half of the 20th century was Lily Savage, TV personality Paul O’Grady’s drag persona.

In 2005, James Lindsay and Paul Oxley took over the venue and installed a new light and sound system. Under their leadership the Royal Vauxhall Tavern began to open every night of the week and became more popular than ever. Today, the RVT is recognised as a Grade 2 listed building thanks to its importance to the LGBTQ community and its heritage.


Rooms And Spaces

As well as A main bar and performance space there is also have a small meeting room (also known as The Green Room) and a larger meeting room.

The wide space is able to host a wide range of events for purposes as diverse as film shooting to product launches. Here are some of the purposes for which their spaces have been hired in the past:

  1. Film shoot location
  2. Conferences
  3. Meetings
  4. Product Launches
  5. Staff, Health & Safety And First Aid Training Events
  6. Charity Events
  7. Theatre Previews
  8. Corporate Events And Launches

Whether you’re interested in hosting a charitable event or a profit making venture, RVT are interested in being of service and can accommodate your requirements in any of our spaces.

We are also available to host your company’s Christmas party during the festive season and they accept bookings from interested parties from October. There’s no better place to host a special festive event and RVT can accommodate your needs with a paying bar service.

Thanks to our excellent location, close to central London and with outstanding transport links, they represent the ideal choice for both private and corporate events. RVT are available by night and during the day and have all the facilities to suit your requirements, whether you are hosting a performance or whether you are arranging a meeting. 


The Royal Vauxhall Tavern offer a host of excellent facilities which are at your disposal depending on your requirements. RVT have the following technical specs available:

  1. Professional DJ Box and Sound System
  2. Mixing Desk
  3. CD Player
  4. DVD Player
  5. Digital Effects Mixer
  6. DJ Box
  7. Wireless mics
  1. Mic stands
  2. Music stands
  3. Wireless head mics
  4. Cabe mics
  5. DJ mics
  6. Full range speaker system
  7. DJ monitor amp
  8. Stage monitor amp
  1. High and mid range speaker systems
  2. Low range speaker systemsk
  3. Intelligent Digital Protection System
  4. Fresnel lights
  5. LED colour rear stage lights
  6. LED strips
  7. UV strips
  1. DMX controllers
  2. Electric screen (remote controlled)
  3. Digital projector
  4. Par cans
  5. Mini profiles
  6. Large can profiles
  7. Moving heads
  1. Scanners
  2. Lasers
  3. UV bulbs
  4. UV strips
  5. Strobe lights
  6. Smoke machine
  7. DMX computer
  1. Daslight software 22" touchscreen
  2. Snow machines
  3. Ice maker
  4. Fully stocked bar
  5. Chilled cellar
  1. Computerised touchscreen POS system
  2. Freezer
  3. Storage fridges
  4. Full air conditioning and heating
  5. Extraction fans
  1. Coat check printer
  2. Wristband and ticket entry printer
  3. External and Internal CCTV

RVT have sufficient capacity in our main bar and performance space for 160 people when fully stocked with tables and stools. They can reduce the amount of seating and tables as necessary to accommodate your numbers, and without any tables or stools the space can accommodate up to 380 guests.

Memorable Events At The RVT

Some highly memorable events have taken place over the years at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern including two significant film shoots – for the Ab Fab Movie and Pride. They are also well known for attracting some of the biggest stars from the music scene of today and yesterday.

In recent times they have hosted live performances from huge names in the industry including Toyah, Mica Paris, T’Pau, Gabrielle and Liberty X. RVT also have excellent resident DJs and cabaret acts and during the festive season they host seasonal celebrations such as our annual panto performance which takes this traditional style of theatre to a whole new level of entertainment!

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