Burger Queen

A key event that is held at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern is the Hamburger Queen pageant.

What is Burger Queen

This event has become well known in the local area and community and, in fact, has achieved cult status among its aficionados.

Put in basic terms, the Burger Queen event is a beauty pageant which is aimed at people who are, let’s put this nicely, overweight. Spread across a four week period at the iconic Royal Vauxhall Tavern, this event was created by Scottee and is hosted by Scottee too, featuring Amy Lame as the resident judge. 

What To Expect From The Burger Queen Event

If you attend the Burger Queen event you can expect some amazing and unique entertainment in an iconic and historical venue with tremendous importance to the local LGBTQ community. As part of the entertainment, you can expect tongue-in-cheek counselling and surprising performances, and even the possibility of celebrity spotting – back in 2012, Nancy Dell’Olio was in attendance! As if all that wasn’t enough, you also get the fun of some in-house performance art and some sing-a-longs for a happy and positive atmosphere.

The Talent Round

The key part of the night is the Talent Round – the part of the competition where every single contestant puts on their own show in an attempt to win over the judges to their cause. What can you expect to see? Well, in the past, the talents of the various contestants have ranged from fat activism and belly dancing to singing and wearing gimp masks – there’s bound to be something for everyone!

The Taste Round

Yes, it’s as unusual as it sounds. After all, you don’t usually get fed on a night out at the RVT! During the Taste Round every contestant has to bake, cook or, in some cases, buy a delicious selection of treats to impress the judges with their culinary prowess (or shopping expertise!) Although the judges are given the first bite, in most cases there’s some kind of weird pastry or bizarre cake left for audience members to taste.

What Do You Need To Remember?

Always arrive on time, or even early. The event is incredibly popular and the RVT will fill up rapidly. Not only will you not get a seat if you arrive late, you also won’t have any space to stand! Get to the door at 7pm on the dot and you’ll get yourself a good spot to enjoy the entertainment.

What About The Dress Code?

As you might imagine, Burger Queen’s host Scottee steals the show every year with an astounding array of costumes and get-ups, and of course, the contestants themselves will be looking pretty eye catching, but that doesn’t mean that the audience don’t get into the spirit of the occasion. This isn’t an event to fit in and try to be inconspicuous – put away the boring old jeans and wear something spectacular!

A Body Confidence Treat

No matter your shape, size, sexuality or gender, you’re sure to find the Burger Queen pageant a hilarious, strangely beautiful, confusing and maybe even grotesque spectacle. The true meaning of the event, though, is to celebrate all kinds of sizes and shapes and to liberate all plus size people and instil a sense of body confidence in everyone, participants and audience members alike. So feel free to get out there, enjoy yourself and have a unique night that you’ll definitely remember at Burger Queen at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, just one of the amazing events that are held in this iconic venue.